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Understanding the Process of Getting Dental Implants

Losing a tooth is no longer a hopeless situation. The development of dental implants has made it possible for dentists to restore a patient’s smile with a permanent, realistic solution. The procedure is more invasive than other treatments, however. Understanding the process of getting dental implants will make the entire procedure easier to handle.


Step One – Surgery

Once a patient is determined to be a viable candidate for implants, the dentist will be ready to schedule their dental surgery. For many patients, this part of the procedure makes them the most anxious. However, the oral surgery is done under general anesthesia, so the patient will neither feel nor remember the procedure. During the surgery, the dentist will use special tools to insert a steel post into the jaw bone. The gum line is then stitched shut. Once the patient wakes up, they will be advised on how to care for the surgery site.

Step Two – Healing

The healing process of getting cosmetic teeth is the most time consuming. It can take several months for the patient’s mouth to fully heal. The dentist will routinely check on the patient to make sure the post is correctly adhering to the jaw bone. They will also make sure the surrounding gum tissue is healthy. Patients are often advised to avoid chewing on or around the surgery site.

Step Three – Crown

Once the dentist has determined that the post has fully fused to the bone, they will be ready to add a permanent crown to the implant. The custom created crown will match both the size and shape of the other teeth. Crowns are created out of porcelain. The dentist will choose a color that is similar to the shade of the patient’s natural teeth. When the crown is ready, it is simply screwed onto the post. With proper care, a dental crown can last a lifetime without failing.

Patients who to replace missing teeth with the most realistic solution should speak to their dentist about implants. While the procedure often spans over several months, the end result is worth the wait. Dental implants look natural, and they feel and function the same as regular teeth.

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